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Kawasaki Hydrogen Project Trademarked


It looks like a tourer, but there’s no room in those bags; that’s where you’ll find the hydrogen tanks on Kawasaki’s hydrogen-fueled motorcycle (at least on this illustrated model). (Kawasaki/)

While most manufacturers tasked with achieving zero carbon emissions for future bikes are focusing on batteries and electric motors, Kawasaki is putting development funds into hydrogen-fueled combustion engines that could achieve the same goal.

The project has been ongoing for the last couple of years, with the first prototype engine, a supercharged four-cylinder derived from the H2 motor, shown in late 2021. Now it seems there’s a name and a logo to go with it, too, as Kawasaki has filed new trademark applications for the title “HySE” and an image of a water droplet on two wheels. The water represents the main emissions of a hydrogen-fueled combustion engine, as when hydrogen is burned, it simply becomes H2O.

Both the logo and the HySE name are being trademarked in Europe for use on “Non-electric prime movers for land vehicles, not including their parts; Hydrogen engines for land vehicles; Mechanical elements for land vehicles.” Translated, that specifically means hydrogen combustion engines, not hydrogen fuel…

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