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Law and religion round-up – 13th November


Bar Standards Board: religion and belief discrimination

One we missed. The Bar Standards Board has a regulatory objective under the Legal Services Act to promote diversity at the Bar. It has recently published a Religion and Belief toolkit developed by the Board’s Religion and Belief Taskforce set up in March 2021. The toolkit is intended to provide the profession with practical information and guidance relevant to the most common religions and beliefs in the UK as revealed in the 2011 Census. It is aimed at increasing inclusivity in the profession by outlining the various belief and religious customs that may potentially impact members of staff, clients and the wider public. The toolkit also includes an annual calendar, with guidance on the key dates for each major religion.

The Religion and Belief Taskforce aims to support and advise the Board on how best to raise awareness of different religions and beliefs in the profession, to address the lack of inclusive action and discussion of religions and beliefs, to encourage a more inclusive environment, and to help eliminate any discrimination at the Bar on grounds of religion or belief. [With thanks to Neil Addison.]

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