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Letters from Victoria: Legacies of Grace

Letters from Victoria: Legacies of Grace

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The giving of love is an education in itself.” Motivated by true affection, mothers, grandmothers, and other beloved mentors have cheerfully guided our readers toward beauty and grace. Whether instructing with intention or through the quiet influence of everyday living, the heartfelt impact of these trusted sources leaves a legacy of graciousness that won’t be soon forgotten.

My grandmother grew up in the Depression era and worked very hard all her life. She preferred outdoor work over housework, but I realized in adulthood that she also cultivated beauty all about her despite her humble belongings.

First, she cultivated her mind and soul. She bought all the classic novels and not only read them but encouraged her grandchildren to read them as well. She also purchased books on geography and about other cultures, and these too she willingly loaned to us children to read so we could explore other countries and their habits, climates, regions, etc.

She had a record collection, which included classical pieces and also modern artists that we children listened to as well. It was not uncommon to find hymns or opera or pop artists from our era in her stack of vinyls.

And while she…

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