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Mahindra Roxor Work Truck With a Dump Bed Costs Full-Size Pickup Money


Cowtown USA

Of all the players in the off-road space, the Mahindra Roxor is no doubt one of the coolest. Even though it no longer looks like a Jeep, it still offers a turbodiesel engine, a manual transmission, and four-wheel drive. Some folks take theirs a step further by adding creature comforts to make it an all-season workhorse, and a dealer in Missouri has assembled maybe the ultimate Roxor utility rig. Thing is, it costs $44,980.

You get quite a bit more than what’s standard on the Roxor for that money. This one has the All-Weather package, so it features a full cab and hard doors with heating and air conditioning. That’s a big deal if you live anywhere that experiences harsh winters because we all know work doesn’t stop just because it’s cold. Then there’s the push-button dump bed that’s great for hauling firewood, mulch, and maybe even a little bit of gravel. The front brush guard should protect the radiator from any stray sticks and stones, and a 9,000-pound Badlands winch can pull it out of almost any holler. You might expect a Warn winch for that kind of money, but at least you can pick up a replacement at Harbor Freight if you ever need to, right?

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