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Mailboat: April 2023


Feedback from the Soundings boating community

A Time for Going Slow

That was an excellent article by Charles Plueddeman on the new Mercury V-10 outboard (“The Power of 10,” February). I have just one small suggestion to add to his comments about using the motors. The story states that those who want to slow troll with this outboard on the transom have to consider that trolling speeds could be below the threshold of the 48-volt alternator that’s controlled by the Navico Fathom e-power system. I have a simple solution, provided there are at least two of these motors on the boat. Just troll with a low-rpm motor engaged, and idle up ( in neutral) to above the 48-volt threshold with the other motor. I hope this might help those like me who do a lot of slow trolling. – Vince Zaleckas, Montgomery, New Jersey


We really enjoy Jeanne Craig’s column (Underway) and wanted to respond to her request for readers to send stories about important lessons they’ve learned about boating.

Many years ago, in the days before GPS, a friend and I were traveling south on the ICW in January. We were passing through the “Rock Pile” in South Carolina early one morning when we…

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