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Make Your House Smell Like Spring is Coming Soon


In our new series What’s That Smell?, we’ll bring you any and every home fragrance solution that isn’t a candle. This month: laundry detergent and incense that smells like palo santo.

Welcome to What’s That Smell?, a monthly roundup of the newest and the best in home scent solutions, from a dedicated home scent enthusiast to you.

March is a tricky time, in terms of scents for the home. While you might be sick of the cold weather notes—pine, cedar, nutmeg, wood—the weather outside tends to tell you that you have to surround yourself with them for at least a few more weeks. It’s an enormous problem, and it’s unfortunate that the government is doing nothing to remedy it. However, there are ways to cope. In times like these (March) we must seek out transitional scents to pull us out of our winter doldrums and into springtime zeal. We must also seek out other nice little things, just to make ourselves happy because we deserve it, or maybe we don’t; it doesn’t matter. Here is a collection featuring each.

It’s a spa vibe!

Esker Beauty Bath & Towel Spray

Indulge your senses and transport yourself to an at-home spa, pre-shower, post bath and anytime in between with this eucalyptus herbal scent. This luxury…

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