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Man on the mat – Vatayanasana (Horse Pose)


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Man on the mat – Vatayanasana (Horse Pose)

Man on the Mat with

Ravi Dixit

Vatayansana (Horse Pose)

Vatayanasana is a pose from the Ashtanga intermediate series. The name translates as ‘horse pose’ and is a unique kind of balancing pose.

  • Increases flexibility. The stretches in this asana are advanced and with regular practice can release trapped tension from the muscles.

  • Improves blood circulation of the lower body and specifically through the hip region.

  • Reduces stiffness in the body and relieves joint pains.

  • Strengthens muscles and bones.

  • Improves posture and can improve minor asmmetry in the hips and legs.

  • Enhances balance, focus and concentration.

Common mistakes

  • Not warming up. This asana requires considerable flexibility so always warm up the body…

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