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Meet the Prop Stylist Who Adds Serious Personality to Her Seder Plate


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Over on Brooklyn-based freelance prop stylist Randi Brookman Harris’s Instagram feed, you’ll find images of artfully arranged beauty products, lovingly displayed Legos, and wrapped gifts with googly eyes. But dig a little deeper and you’ll unearth the hashtag #RBHSeder, where Harris files some of her most personal work to date: her one-of-a-kind Seder plates. 

From a green-themed assortment of bowls to 2020’s sparse arrangement, every display is a twist on tradition. Here, Harris tells us how she conceptualizes each year’s plate and how you can crib her look, while making it all your own.  

Photo Courtesy of Randi Brookman Harris

How did you start playing around with the traditional Seder plate?

I grew up in a mostly observant house. My parents kept kosher and we went to synagogue—all of that. When I got married, my husband and I didn’t really have our own rituals and were slow at making them together, but I eventually realized that I missed it. I love Passover. It’s one of my favorite holidays. When I was little, we always had big, big Seders with all the…

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