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Our Day Farm Flourishes on BoneKare 


Our Day Farm was started in 1980 by fifth-generation horseman Alex Jayne, in Elgin, IL. With horses running deep through the blood of the Jayne family, it is no surprise that his children – Maggie, Charlie, and Haylie, all quickly became ensconced in the family business. The business has taken off in the years since its inception and the trio now run the successful operation by splitting their time between their home base in Illinois and Wellington, Florida. While each sibling has a different role in the farm, Haylie will tell you that their overall goal remains the same – to develop horses and riders to their greatest potential. 

Developing great potential is a process and one in which both horse and rider need to ensure they take proper care of their bodies as they develop and grow. Therefore, upon hearing of BoneKare and its benefits, it made perfect sense to the family to see if the product would be a fit for their needs.


“Our hope in using BoneKare was to find something we could easily incorporate into our daily feed program that the horses would both eat and benefit from,” explained Haylie. “We generally like to keep things simple—we’re not big into…

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