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Porsche 911 GT3R

Porsche 911 GT3R

Porsche’s 911 992 GT3 R features a number of upgrades to its previous model, including revised aerodynamics, an upgraded engine to 4.2 litres, wider track, longer wheelbase and a wealth of safety features that are targeted at making the car easier to drive, more durable and also faster.

The base model is the 992 GT3 production car, with the choice of not waiting for the GT3 R version to be made early on. This allowed the development team to start work in the summer of 2019. The team looked at all the weaknesses of the 991 Generation 2 and sought to fix them with the new model.

The 992 GT3 is built to a completely new set of regulations compared to the old car. Gone are the days when a committee decided on what is permitted and a manufacturer had to go cap in hand to ask that its development be accepted. Now a stable set of technical regulations has been created by the FIA in conjunction with the manufacturers, and in turn they have the chance to build more extreme cars. The limiting factor is one of cost, and the fact that the cars are sold as customer products, occasionally competing in factory hands.


The two key areas of development for the 992 GT3 R are the engine and the aerodynamics. The…

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