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Pushing Pediatrics Forward

Pushing Pediatrics Forward

From the benefits of natural remedies to the most advanced, high-resolution orthopedic imaging, pediatric doctors throughout the area are finding incredible ways to enhance their patients’ treatments and quality of life. Orlando Family Magazine spoke with local physicians in different disciplines to discuss the latest in pediatric healthcare.

The Future of Spine Surgery

Dr. Raymund Woo, the medical director of pediatric orthopedics at AdventHealth for Children, and his colleagues have utilized 7D navigation for scoliosis care since March of 2022. The advanced technology, which Woo compared to that of iPhone facial recognition, allows the team to perform constructive spine surgery on pediatric scoliosis patients safer than ever before.

Comprised of two high-resolution cameras, which are built into the surgical light suspended above the patient, the 7D technology gives the surgical team binocular vision and removes line-of-sight frustrations. The images are displayed on a high-definition adjustable screen that allows the surgeon to clearly and accurately navigate the area in less time than with traditional scoliosis surgery.

Along with visual and efficiency advantages, 7D technology is also much safer for pediatric…

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