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Putting rabbit shooting advice into practice

Putting rabbit shooting advice into practice

The early spring bank holiday proves just the time to have a go at the bunnies once again and put some rabbit shooting advice into practice

Jamie moves along the woodland track and manages to add a number of bunnies to the bag

In January, I whiled away the New Year’s Day bank holiday meandering through the woods in search of a rabbit. While it is always a joy to be out in the woods, the rabbits well and truly beat me that day, and I returned home without a single bunny in the bag. It was very disheartening and, in truth, it set me back for the rest of the season. I had several frustrating days thereafter.

Such was my frustration with the whole day, I took myself off to a nearby clay ground to practise on rabbits; I think I shot at 50 clays, all of them flinging along the ground and bouncing erratically. By the end of the day, I’d been consistently back in business. 


On the first May bank holiday, when the sun finally seemed to put some warmth into the air, I decided I needed to try to put those rabbit demons to bed for good and planned for another bunny outing on May Day.

I set out to a different part of the estate to last time; open farmland criss-crossed with tracks and hedges, surrounding a 60-acre…

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