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Rina Golan Retreats – Oxfordshire, UK


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Rina Golan Retreats – Oxfordshire, UK

All-inclusive retreats structured to support your wellbeing in a space where the group supports the healing process, nurturing a safe environment where everyone can heal and grow. Over four days you’ll be guided on a gentle detox to nourish and rebalance your system, allowing you to return to yourself and feel lighter in mind and body. The programme includes yoga, meditation, delicious clean food, sound healing, dancing and nature walks, all designed to support your transformation. All activities optional, so you can choose to take part fully or simply to rest. Each retreat is an initiation: to prepare the body, creating a safe container where you can surrender and let go of what is not serving you, in order to be reborn into the version of yourself that is aligned with all that you value, with your dharma.

Rina Golan Retreats

Rina Golan Retreats (2)

Suitable for: Hatha flow, restorative and…

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