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Santiago de Chile for wine lovers 

Santiago de Chile for wine lovers 

Santiago de Chile

Appropriately, the capital of Chile sits right in the middle of the country, flanked by the Andes and the Chilean coastal range. As such, it often serves merely as a stopover for those who fly into the city on their way to other destinations, such as Easter Island, the Atacama Desert or the Patagonias. However, those who give this bustling, cosmopolitan metropolis a bit more of their time, will discover that Santiago is worthy of a longer stay.

Like many cities, Santiago’s eating out scene suffered during and post-pandemic. Many top restaurants closed permanently or reopened with different menus and chefs. But there are still gems to be found, as the selection below shows.

From the hip foodie neighbourhood of Vitacura and trendy Barrio Italia, to the larger, upscale, gastronomically focused areas of Providencia and Los Condes, wine lovers are rarely further than a 15-minute Uber ride from a good restaurant or wine bar in Santiago.

Chile is blessed with 6,435km of coastline, so it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of seafood-focused restaurants to choose from in Santiago. Meanwhile, close proximity to Peru has loaned a distinct Peruvian flavour to many of its dishes. From ceviche to…

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