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Shake It Up With Whitney Cummings’ Favorite St. Patrick’s Day Cocktail


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Your new lucky charm! Whitney Cummings is all about celebrating her Irish heritage — so she showed Us how to make her favorite festive cocktail in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. 

“It’s the perfect addition to any [party] with your crew,” the Whitney star, 40, revealed in the newest issue of Us Weekly, labeling herself a “partly Irish comedian and self-pro-claimed St. Patrick’s Day expert.”  

While the Made of Honor actress told Us in September 2020 that she’s a fan of the darker spirits — “When I drink whiskey, I start firing people who don’t work for me” — her Vanilla Mint Shake recipe uses Baileys for a perfectly subtle Irish twist. 

“I’m making sure that everyone is prepared to celebrate the Irish way,” she explains to Us. 

Whitney Cummings Shares Her Baileys Vanilla Mint Shake Cocktail Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day: Recipe

Cummings is a big fan of anything sweet — her go-to treat is jelly beans, telling Us that she prefers the buttered popcorn flavor above all else – so there’s no need for beer when a delicious option filled with sugary goodness is available. 

We’ll cheers to that! 

Vanilla Mint Shake 

Makes 2 drinks


3.5 oz Baileys Vanilla Mint…

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