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Shop These Black Women-owned Business for Gorgeous Home Goods With a Meaningful Message


Black History Month brings Black commerce to the fore — and that’s a good thing. But the truth is that anytime is the right time to support Black-owned businesses; particularly, Black women-owned brands, which have historically received less funding and fewer in-store placements than their white male and female counterparts.

That’s a lending and corporate issue, but as consumers, we have power, too. (You’ve likely heard the phrase, “vote with your wallet.”) Patronizing small businesses cultivates community while showing stores and investors that we want more representation in commerce. According to the 2022 US Census Bureau Annual Business Survey, a mere 19.9 percent of businesses in 2020 were Black-owned. The numbers in the home design and decor space are even more abysmal. Inc. magazine reports that just 2 percent of interior designers are Black.

With this in mind, we’ve gathered five of our favorite Black women-owned home decor brands. Valentine’s Day may be over, but it’s never too early to shop for Mother’s Day, graduations, and even Christmas! (I like to be prepared.)

For a Colorful Home: Estelle Colored Glass 

Want to make your drinks extra pretty? Check out Estelle Colored Glass, a…

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