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Sissy Secures Barrel Racing Success Thanks to Palm Beach Equine Clinic


WORDS: Sabrina Brashares/Jump Media
PHOTOS: Courtesy Margo Crowther

There’s nothing more exciting than buying a young horse with a lot of potential. When Margo Crowther of Fort Myers, FL, purchased three-year-old “Sissy” she was looking forward to the young mare’s future as a barrel racer.

In 2016, when Sissy was a four-year-old, Crowther, a professional barrel racer, took the mare to an event in South Carolina. The pair successfully made it to the top 30 in a barrel race competition to qualify for the final taking place the next day. Unfortunately, while making the turn around the first barrel in the final, Sissy slipped and fell down. Crowther came off, caught Sissy, and took her back to the stabling area to check her over.

“Once we reached the stalls, Sissy began to limp with her hind end,” explained Crowther. “After traveling home, I knew something wasn’t right. We immediately brought her to Dr. Weston Davis at Palm Beach Equine Clinic. Dr. Davis is the best, and he’s a good friend of mine. He was also the only vet that had worked on Sissy at that point.”

Dr. Davis examined Sissy when she arrived at Palm Beach Equine Clinic in Wellington, FL. She was lame at the walk but had no…

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