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Some Actually Useful Home Storage Solutions for Small Spaces


Spoiler: You’re going to learn to love a lazy Susan.

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Hello to everyone who rang in 2023 thinking “new year, same mess.” I see you, I feel you and I’m here to help. One exciting byproduct of living in New York City is that you’re forced into seeking out and using every square inch of space you have. Your home doesn’t always have to be super tidy but if everything has a place, cleaning up feels less like scaling a mountain and more like a quick task you can do while listening to a podcast. To get to this place, you need functional storage solutions. Here are some home storage products that are not just cute boxes. (Okay—one of these is a cute box but I make a good case for it.)

(Be prepared: You’re going to see a lot of turntables in this column. That’s right, turntables. I refuse to use the term “lazy Susan” because frankly I don’t know Susan and can’t comment on her work ethic.)

Turntables for the kitchen

This turntable from IKEA is intended for your fridge but could work in a big cabinet. It’s a wider platform that should take up most if not an entire shelf in…

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