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St. Godric of Finchale

St. Godric of Finchale

Godric was born in the tenth century at Walpole, in Norfolk. As a young boy he peddled wares throughout the neighboring villages. Later, as he made more money at his trade, he was able to frequent fairs in other cities to sell his merchandise. Since he was very diligent and careful with his money, he was occasionally able to make voyages by sea. Often he would carry his wares to Scotland. Once while in Scotland, he went to Lindisfarne Monastery where he became very interested in the lives of the monks there, and he was enthralled by the accounts that they gave him concerning St. Cuthbert. Godric was so impressed with the wonderful life of St. Cuthbert, that one day he fell to his knees and begged God for the grace to be able to be like this saint. Soon afterward, he went on pilgrimage to Jerusalem, and on his way back, stopped at Compostella.

On returning to Norfolk, he worked briefly as a steward for a wealthy man, but left this position to travel again, making a pilgrimage to St. Giles in France and to Rome. For a while, Godric spent time in the wilderness, living the monastic life with another devout soul named Godwin. They had met while on pilgrimage. Both being devoted to God and desiring to lead the life of…

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