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Still Don’t Like the BMW M2’s Design? Try a Geometric Paint Job


via BMW

BMW has caught a lot of grief regarding its recent changes in design language. Namely, people take issue with the big grilles (which still exist, at least for now) and the rather sharp lines that kind of just exist everywhere. Some folks are fans, and others simply aren’t. C’est la vie, right?

One such car is the new BMW M2. We’re grateful that a compact BMW performance car still exists, even if it comes at the price of some unorthodox design changes. But, we think that BMW may have actually solved its own design quirkiness with the release of the new 2023 MotoGP Safety Car.

Now, BMW has been supplying the safety cars for MotoGP for a quarter-century, so this isn’t something that it just pulled out of thin air. It recently used a beautiful M3 Touring peppered with striped livery and previously unveiled an M2, albeit with clothes that didn’t quite fit the car’s personality. BMW revealed this week that the new M2 has officially pulled duty for this season’s safety car.

The M2’s livery has been updated from the outgoing M3’s and previously revealed M2’s regalia. Thankfully so, because this new design matches the M2’s design language so much better. In fact,…

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