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Stink Bugs Are Not Harmless — Here's How To Stop a Chemical Burn and Dispose of the Smelly Bug


Have you noticed an uptick in stink bugs around your home? Unfortunately, it’s not surprising; these prehistoric-looking insects are active from March through September, though they often hang around in the winter months, too (just our luck). They’re present throughout the US, though they’re most often found in the mid-Atlantic region. While stink bugs seem mild and dim-witted — nothing more than an annoyance — they actually can cause some harm. As it turns out, stink bug spray may even lead to a chemical burn.

How Stink Bugs Cause Chemical Burns

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Instagram user Katie Lee raised awareness with a video of her two-year-old daughter, Lillie, who got burned by stink bug liquid. “The other night, I got Lillie out of a bath and was brushing her wet hair. She started screaming hysterically and I had no idea why until I smelled that familiar stank,” the mom wrote in the caption. “There was a stink bug. [It] either crawled into her hair or her brush and I didn’t see it. She kept yelling, ‘he bit me!’ And at the time I was reassuring her that they don’t bite. We re-showered her (because she SMELLED) and after…

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