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Surviving Animal Attacks

Surviving Animal Attacks

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Keep Your Wits About You to Survive Animal Attacks

Editor’s Note: This is a companion piece to How to Avoid & Survive Bear Attacks. Why? Because there are other dangerous animals out in the woods, that’s why!

The internet is rampant with the idea that wild animals are really harmless and ultimately want to be our friends and that animal attacks are rare. The reality is that they are wild animals and exist more on instinct and survival mode than they do on the desire to be liked. While this may seem harsh, it is important that anyone entering a wilderness area understand that wild animals can be dangerous. The unwillingness to accept this has cost people their lives. From a tourist jumping into a polar bear pen to swim with them to wildlife advocates determined to prove grizzly bears are not dangerous, all have provided lethal results. Admire wildlife for their beauty and majesty, but respect the dangers they present. Animal attacks happen, and they happen a lot.

In North America, we have a substantial number of dangerous animals. The ability to understand the danger they present is the first step to avoiding a problem altogether.

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