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Take me out

Take me out

Prefer to practice at home? Here are five reasons to take your mat out and visit your local yoga studio this month. By Diane Ashfield

There are lots of reasons why we convince ourselves not to go to a yoga class: “It’s too cold” or “My hamstrings are tight” or “Sarah’s not going to be there tonight.”

Maybe you’ve always practiced at home and have never had the experience of a ‘live’ class before because fear or lack of confidence is holding you back.

Whatever your motives are for staying put, there’s at least one good reason to venture out of your front door and come to a yoga class.

1. Expertise

To begin with, you will be in expert hands. Yoga teachers not only have a wealth of personal and teaching experience, but most have spent the better part of three years in professional training and then continue to develop their skills by attending seminars and workshops, exploring ways to bring a better and more fulfilling style of…

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