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Technology in the classroom (PreK-2)

Technology in the classroom (PreK-2)

By Aimee Sawyer, Product Marketing Manager at Khan Academy Kids and former preschool teacher

Technology in the classroom has changed so much in the last few years, especially for our youngest learners. Not too long ago, we would have been shocked to see kids in preschool or Kindergarten classes with 1:1 devices. Classrooms used to have a single desktop computer that could only be accessed during center time. Nowadays, technology is embedded in all instruction. Kids must know how to use tech in order to complete their school work on any given day—it’s essentially a prerequisite skill.


For most kids, this isn’t a concern. Most are introduced to technology from a very early age, and they love it! They use it at home, at school, and everywhere in between. This can lead to conflicting feelings…we want kids to have those prerequisite tech skills, but we also want them to have a healthy balance in their daily activity. There’s a way to work with the changing world while keeping what’s best for kids at the forefront.

“Kids these days, they’re very good at multitasking. Just like a web browser has multiple tabs, we’re thinking about many…

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