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‘Teen Mom 2’ Alum Jenelle Evans Granted Full Custody of Son Jace After More Than a Decade


At last. Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans was granted primary custody of her son Jace after more than a decade in grandma Barbara Evans‘ care.

“My mom and I decided together to grant full custody back to me because we want to build our relationship back as mother and daughter,” Jenelle, 31, told Us Weekly on Saturday, March 18. “Also, my mother agrees it’s time for Jace to be back with his siblings and living with a mother and father. She also thinks it’s important for Jace to be around a father figure to learn ‘boy things’ and have ‘men talk.’”

She went on to say that Barbara “has seen the way David parents” and acknowledges that they are capable parents.

“She knows we’re able to handle it. We want to all get along for the sake of the children and like I said before, building back our relationship as mother and daughter,” Jenelle added. “It’s a done deal!”

The new custody arrangement became official when the mother-daughter duo signed papers on Thursday, March 16. Just weeks prior, the 16 & Pregnant alum announced via Twitter that she had huge news to…

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