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Tesla Owners Are Already Mad About Supercharger Wait Times. Now They’re Opening to More EVs


via Tesla

Texas-based electric automaker Tesla hasn’t exactly been quiet about its plans to open its large fast-charging network to non-Tesla EVs. In fact, the automaker has been piloting the program outside of the U.S. for some time. Soon, that program will expand stateside in order for Tesla to take part in the Federal Highway Administration’s Charging and Fueling Infrastructure discretionary grant program.

Details of Tesla’s plans came as part of a White House statement released Wednesday where it was revealed that the automaker plans to open 7,500 of its chargers to non-Tesla owners by the end of 2024.

Tesla Supercharger
via Tesla

Of the 7,500 chargers, at least 3,500 will be Level 3 DC Fast Charging stations capable of delivering 250 kW of power. The selected Superchargers will be positioned along highway corridors to more easily deliver quick charges to those who need them while traveling. The remainder will likely be Level 2 destination chargers which are typically found in locations like hotels, parking garages, restaurants, stores, and more.

Tesla says that it will also more than double the number of Superchargers deployed across the nation. Currently, Tesla’s Supercharging network has 17,707…

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