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The Best Blackout Curtains Block the Light But Still Brighten Up Any Room


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The benefits of sunlight are well documented (vitamin D, anyone?), but when it comes to getting quality sleep, give us all the shade, please. In fact, make that serious darkness, which the best blackout curtains can offer. They block more outside light and distractions from seeping in than sheer numbers or blinds, making them perfect for those with light sensitivity, day sleepers, or even parents who need to schedule midday nap time for little ones. 

Stylist and florist Naomi deMañana says it’s totally possible to find window coverings that are simultaneously light dampening and stylish. It’s all about selecting the right fabric, color, and pattern. Here are her favorite picks.

Our Favorites

  • Best check: Crate & Barrel Blue Buffalo Check 63-Inch Blackout Curtains
  • Best cotton-velvet: West Elm Cotton-Velvet Curtains
  • Best velvet: Ballard Designs Silvery Velvet Drapery Panels
  • Best white cotton duck: Cotton Craft Reverse Tab Top Curtain Panels
  • Best budget linen: Quince European Linen Blackout Curtains
  • Best natural linen: CB2 Natural Linen Blackout Curtains
  • Best…

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