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The best tidal apps for cruising sailors


Tidal data is getting easier and cheaper to download. Sam Fortescue reviews the latest options in an increasingly crowded market and choses the best tidal apps for sailors

There is a wide range of tidal apps available, but choose carefully, as not all provide the same coverage

There is a huge range of inexpensive tidal apps to choose from, although most of the best tidal apps charge a subscription fee.

The most basic of tidal apps will provide heights and times that will allow you to figure out when to depart, round a headland or how deep to lay your anchor.

Some do this free of charge and offline, but better-designed and more powerful apps will also provide a tidal curve you can interrogate, to visualise the remaining rise or fall of tide, though some of these are generic curves that require some caution.

Not all tidal apps offer the same level of support, so check the the apps covers the area you sail.

Remember, errors can be magnified in areas of eccentric tidal behaviour, notably the Solent where there are two high waters and a very rapid ebb.

Nor is it always specified whether the apps use UTC or local time, which can give rise to errors of an hour.

Tidal apps for sailors

Tides Planner

Tides Planner App

Developer: Imray

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