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The ethical considerations of wildfowling

The ethical considerations of wildfowling

Spring is in the air, and a fresh perspective on shooting has led to a change in tactics and a few more ethical considerations when fowling

Ensuring only drakes are shot leaves the females to breed, limiting declines in duck numbers

With the fowling season now a distant memory and the weather finally feeling like spring, I find myself getting more and more excited about the fishing to come. Right now I’m caught between seasons. Shooting has finished in my neck of the woods, but fishing hasn’t quite kicked into gear. 

I’m in the middle of a serious house renovation project, which will hopefully earn me a few brownie points once fishing is in full swing. For now, I get my outdoor fix by checking forums, reading reports and watching videos. 

Social media can be a fantastic educational tool. Getting to read what others do or watch how they set about their chosen sport can provide hints, tips and tricks to be utilised in the future. There needs to be an air of caution, though. Not everything you see or read is good practice. Some of it isn’t even factually correct. Those new to the sport have to be careful. 

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