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The Journey Horses Can Take Us On

The Journey Horses Can Take Us On

I’ve wanted horses to be a big part of my life ever since I was a young child. I dreamed of having a horse farm someday. I wanted to keep horses in my life, even if I couldn’t have one of my own. I thought it was magical watching a girl and a horse bond.

Jewell and her horse, Glory. Horses have taken Jewell on a special journey. Photo courtesy Jewell Cox

A True Cowgirl

I have a condition called arthrogryposis multiplex congenita. I can’t stand up without braces, and I use a walker and wheelchair. My disability not only affects my daily life, but my future and goals.

I’m limited on what I can do with horses. I can’t just hop up on a horse like anyone else. When looking at me, people might think that I can easily get hurt around a horse. I’ve never seen it that way, though; I’ve always seen myself like any other horse-crazy girl. I wanted to know everything about horses, and I hoped to be a true cowgirl or horsewoman. It just took a while for me to feel that way.

A favorite equine haven of mine is the Kentucky Horse Park. I’m sure my family got tired of seeing the same horses and activities every year when I’d ask to go for my birthday, but I loved it. I would go on the pony ride every time and loved…

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