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The ‘sexy’ side of yoga


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The ‘sexy’ side of yoga

The ‘sexy’ side of yoga

Sex sells but is it an appropriate vessel for the expansion of yoga? By Sarah Highfield

Looking at a large portion of yoga media, whether that be mainstream or social media, the photos and videos which receive the most attention repeatedly feature yogis in the least amount of clothes.

Undoubtedly, this style of imagery can be misinterpreted, construed in the wrong way, or seen as upfront ‘sexy’. That said, let us not forget that there is a style of yoga, Tantra yoga, which has its rites in sexual rites and practices.

Yet, while the longstanding relationship between yoga and sex is historically documented, in modern times and in our current digital age is the broader essence of yoga being lost by the onslaught of ‘sexy’ yoga photos and videos online?

Disturbingly, there are social media pages which endeavour to post the most suggestive yoga poses performed by ‘yogis’ in yoga outfits which are practically see-through. These types of pages, I feel, cross a line…

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