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The Top Five Blue Collar Jobs In America

The Top Five Blue Collar Jobs In America

Now more than ever, Americans are learning the importance blue-collar workers play in the U.S. economy. From retail workers ringing up that cart full of groceries to truck drivers hauling all those online purchases to oil field workers pumping black gold out of the ground, these workers keep America moving and are responsible for so many of the necessities for life that countless people simply take for granted.

Blue Collar Jobs

As Americans experience supply chain shortages, there seems to be a growing interest in the trades and these professions’ growing salaries. Recent reports show massive shortages of truck drivers and salaries that can top six figures. Many young Americans are choosing trade schools over college degrees and six-figure student loans. Blue-collar workers build roads and buildings. They catch, herd and grow the food families put on their tables. Maybe some of these guys and gals have put a roof on your house, serviced your HVAC unit or fixed your clogged drain.
In fact, these hard-working people do so much that too often goes underappreciated, and Skillset wants to provide its readers with important insights into these jobs from some of those who actually work in these industries.

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