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These Are the Must-Have Tools for the Ultimate Low-Water Garden


Despite the heavy rain of late, when it comes to gardening in the West, we all want to save water. In fact, according to the University of California Center for Landscape and Urban Horticulture, landscape irrigation accounts for approximately 50% of the state’s annual residential water consumption. When looking at a number like that, one could be tempted to take out a garden altogether and opt for something all-concrete, but that’s not the answer, thank goodness. After all, gardens provide animal habitat, cool our cities, do double-duty as erosion control, and so much more.  

Nevertheless, “With the aridification of the West, where the region has become drier over time, it’s crucial to responsibly manage the water we have,” says Amanda Begley, TreePeople’s Associate Program Manager for Water Equity in Los Angeles. “So if we can conserve water on our landscapes, we can make a big impact on water savings.” 

The question is how? Well, we’ve got some big ideas for how you can create a low-water garden. Below are eight products that will help you save water—and time—while doing right by your plants.

Manage Your Water Use with These Tools

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