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This Lightweight Daypack Can Handle a Dunk in the Ocean


Your run-of-the-mill daypack may be able to stand up to a couple of errant splashes, but what about getting dunked in the drink? For trips that see you spend an extended period of time on the water—canoeing, sea kayaking, paddleboard touring—it’s a bad idea to trust your extra layers, camera, or other sensitive possessions to a bag that’s anything but fully waterproof. Dry bags are a reliable option, but they’re not very convenient or comfortable to carry. For marine daytrips and routes that have us getting in and out of the water, the Mustang Survival Highwater 22L has become my go-to: a lightweight, fully waterproof backpack that’s durable enough to stand up to full immersion when we’re plying the waves, and carries easily when it’s time to get out and hoof it.

For how specialized it is, the Highwater’s design will feel familiar to any lightweight backpacker. At its core, it’s a frameless daypack, with two lightly-padded shoulder straps, a webbing sternum strap, a roll-top closure, and three generous external mesh pockets, including a front pocket ready to swallow a shell and side pockets that securely keeps water bottles, snacks, sunscreen, and other necessities close at hand. The differences…

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