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Tiara Yachts Launches the EX60


Tiara takes its fleet to the big time with the launch of its new EX60

The EX 60 is the largest inboard-powered boat to come from the Michigan-based builder.

The October winds off Lake Michigan delivered a refreshing chill. Chicago beckoned from ahead as the Tiara EX 60 chugged at a steady 21 knots into a 3-foot chop. It’s a site that operators of tugboats and cargo ships have soaked up for decades as they maneuver toward the mouth of the Illinois and Mississippi rivers. We were on a leg of the delivery of Tiara’s EX 60—the builder’s largest boat to date—from Holland, Michigan, to Florida.
This was a trip not without challenges, including weather. The forecast for our original departure date called for seas near 20-feet and gale-force winds. I boarded the boat in the dark, so I couldn’t fully appreciate the strong profile or high bulwarks of the builder’s flagship. I could, however, appreciate the unbelievable amount of stowage the boat possessed as I helped to put away K-Cups, deli meats, drinks and everything else a hungry crew could want. The crew and I joked at how every nook and cranny of the boat was filled with snacks, but truthfully, helping stow supplies…

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