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Two Hikers Dead After Flash Flooding in a Utah Slot Canyon


Two hikers are dead and one injured after being caught in a flash flood in a canyon on the Utah/Arizona border over the weekend.

According to Lt. Alan Alldredge of the Kane County Sheriff’s Office, a group of three men began hiking towards Lees Ferry on Friday for what was supposed to be a three-day expedition. It’s likely a flash flood caught the group on Saturday, as moisture from the atmospheric river that engulfed California last week flowed east.

One of the hikers’ wives alerted authorities on Monday, when the group was scheduled to finish their hike. Authorities quickly launched a search, which led an air team to a campsite that likely belonged to the hikers.

“They were able… to find some areas where it looked like camping equipment, [like] a backpack [were located],” Alldredge told Salt Lake City’s KSL.

Searchers soon found the body of one of the missing hikers. Airborne rescuers found the survivor with an infrared camera while investigating flood debris and winched him into a helicopter. The surviving hiker was hypothermic after spending days in an exposed and wet environment and he had suffered bodily injuries, and was still in the hospital as of publishing time. On Wednesday, a team located a second…

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