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USHJA Eliminates Handwalking Prior to International Derby Competition


I will be honest. I overlooked a rule change this year. 

I read the proposed rule changes. I read the Know Before You Show (which if you haven’t read, I highly recommend. Several confusing and many fantastic rule changes are in there for this year). It wasn’t until I walked in to cover and photograph my first USHJA International Hunter Derby this year that I noticed something different. The horses were not handwalking prior to the class. I found the rule on this page of the USHJA website about USHJA International Derby Competition. 

Screenshot of USHJA International Hunter Derby Website page. 

In this document clarifying the rule specifications: 

2023 International Hunter Derby Class Specifications from the USHJA website. 

I didn’t find any announcements or any documents that specifically let competitors know ahead of time searching the USHJA website, google, or social media. I suppose they don’t technically view it as a “rule change” although to me, after a decade and a half of allowing it, simply making it a footnote seems like an oversight. 

This is a great rule change-for time, schedule, the horses, and the intended purpose of this competition. I applaud USHJA for making it. I…

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