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Viña San Pedro Cachapoal Andes celebrates 20 years of Altair and Sideral


Two decades ago, the global wine scene was turned on its head following the emergence of a number of premium wines from the New World. Chile played a major part in this upheaval, thanks to the great quality of the wines hailing from the country’s top terroirs. Having been key to Chile’s triumphant arrival at the top table, Sideral and Altair soon found their place among the fine wine elite.

A grand cru classé philosophy in a Chilean terroir

Over the past 150 years, San Pedro has become one of Chile’s most important wineries, and its wines are now available in over 80 countries. While investing in its expansion overseas, the winery founded by the Correa Albano brothers explored every corner of its home country, developing terroir-driven wines of outstanding quality.

Staying true to the pioneering spirit of its founders, in 2001, Viña San Pedro established a joint venture with prestigious Saint-Émilion producer Château Dassault, in the Andean Valley of Cachapoal.

Thus Viña Altair was born: an innovative project that applies the savoir faire of a Bordelais Grand Cru Classé to the Cachapoal Andes, one of Chile’s most extraordinary terroirs. The result were two exceptional wines: Altair and Sideral.


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