Home Travel Want to See the Best of Winter? Snowshoe Up Artist Point.

Want to See the Best of Winter? Snowshoe Up Artist Point.


As hundreds of skiers and snowboarders rip downhill at Washington’s Mt. Baker Ski Area, snowshoers just feet outside the orange boundary markers are slowly and carefully plodding one foot in front of the other to reach Artist Point. I was one of those snowshoers, treading my way up the 2-mile, 1,000-foot ascent it takes to reach the hallowed ground. By this time of year, the snow trail is well-traversed and very doable for anyone in snowshoes. However, there are signs of the poor souls who tried to hike and ended up postholing more than a yard into the snow.

No other place in northern Washington offers such a stunning, snowy mountaintop lookout without needing to camp overnight to reach the summit. If the weather holds up and you have a clear shot of the vista that surrounds you, the view of the winter wonderland coupled with endless mountain peaks from Artist Point is like no other.

mt. baker snowshoe
Snowshoes create a wide footprint that spreads bodyweight out over the snow. This helps you stay on top of the snow instead of postholing. (Photo: Alec Sills-Trausch)

How To Snowshoe To Artist Point

Hikers revere Artist Point not only for its views, but also for its perfect location. The neighboring Mt. Baker Ski Area is about three…

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