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Wave Petunia Plants Blow Other Petunias out of the Water


Benefits of Growing Wave Petunias

E3 Easy Wave Blue Petunia

As the name suggests, a Wave petunia features a wave of vibrant color. Growing just 5 to 7 inches tall but spreading 2 to 4 feet, these bold flowers can engulf a container and bloom from spring until frost. They’re also known for growing quickly—up to 2 inches per day. Their rapid spread makes them perfect for a ground cover, but gardeners also frequently give them a place of honor in a container or a hanging basket. No matter how you grow them, it’s easy to surf this Wave.

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Wave Petunia Care

Tidal wave purple petunia
Tidal wave purple 

Common Name: Wave petunia
Scientific Name:  Petunia x hybrida
Zones: Annual
Size: 5 to 10 inches tall, with 2 to 4 feet spread distance
Soil Needs: Well-drained soil
Light Needs: Full sun

Many gardeners love Wave petunias because they’re easy to grow and they blow other petunias right out of the water. They thrive in the sun and require watering when dry, but need no excessive monitoring or care. They’re tolerant of hot and cold conditions, within reason—and they even resist deer.

To keep the flowers going and growing, the Wave Petunia website recommends pinching or deadheading so the plant…

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