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‘We lost our mast 1,000 miles from land’

‘We lost our mast 1,000 miles from land’

When the Wennberg family set off across the Atlantic, they didn’t think they would need to motor most of the way without a mast. Sophie Dingwall hears their incredible story

There is safety in numbers. The larger your pod, herd or, in this case, fleet, the greater your chances of survival, offering protection, safety and confidence. For years, Louise and Jorgen Wennberg had been planning the sailing voyage of a lifetime. They chose Take Off, a 54ft Grand Soleil and signed up for the 2023 World ARC, along with their children Alex, aged 13 and Ines, 11. They opted to take extra crew for the Atlantic crossing and were joined by Johan, Anna and Laura.

Louise said, ‘The time we spend together on board is properly concentrated, it’s so valuable and I get to really know my kids. Build trust with your children, and they will come to you with any problems. If all families had this, we would have peace in the world.’

The start of the rally was abrupt, with strong winds and uncompromising grey skies, but seven days in and life had settled into its own rhythm. Accustomed to life at sea, Alex and Ines fitted in a routine around school work and enjoyed the gentle rolling hills of the Atlantic.

Jurgen had put a reef in the…

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