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What Does it Mean to Bind Insurance?


Getting insurance—for anything, be it for your new business, car, or home—can be a daunting task. It’s something you start to research, then stop. Maybe you have a few quotes in your inbox but haven’t done anything with them yet. Or you may even put off the entire process until you have no other choice—which can lead to rushed decisions and having to switch providers before you know it. But what most people don’t realize is that obtaining insurance doesn’t have to be that complicated or painful at all. It really comes down to understanding a few essential terms and parts of the process. Plus finding the right broker who can help translate when need be can also help.

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And that brings us to our current topic: What exactly does it mean to bind insurance? Simply, to be “bound” is insurance jargon for coverage that is in place, but your policy is not entirely finalized just yet.

What is an Insurance Binder?

Binding insurance is necessary so that you can provide proof of sufficient insurance coverage if required by a lender…

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