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What Is Basic Attention Token?


The intrusive practice of targeted advertising monitors your online activities. Recording your likes, dislikes, and personal information risks your data. Most people also tune out as soon as the commercials play, making it highly inefficient.

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a ground-breaking method of advertising that corrects the flaws in conventional advertising. BAT develops a more effective and transparent process for purchasing and selling advertising space with the blockchain. While operating more quickly than current advertising, this technology uses less battery and internet.

What is the BAT Token?

The decentralised, open-source Basic Attention Token (BAT) digital advertising ecosystem is built on the Ethereum network. Data security, data ownership, and consumer benefit are some of the topics the project addresses concerning internet advertising. It aims to establish an honest, transparent, and equitable system. With the help of BAT, advertisers will be able to target users directly and reward them with tokens for their attention.

BAT employs a blockchain-based system that enables users to choose to opt into anonymous ad targeting, in contrast to traditional advertising systems that rely on personal data…

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