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What Is Your Cat Saying? Better Communication For Happier Travels


What is your cat saying when their eyes get large? Or when they flick their tail high in the air? Pay attention. Because knowing what your cat is telling you can make your travels much happier.


Cats are mysterious creatures. They’re often independent, sometimes aloof, and usually do things on their own terms. You may not think they sound like the best adventure buddies, but we’re here to tell you that they are! You just have to learn how to decode the signals they’re sending.

Decoding Cat Communication

Traveling with our cats means we’ve had to learn to watch our cats carefully and try to figure out how they’re feeling. To be aware of what they’re comfortable with and see which boundaries we can stretch, we need to pay close attention to how they react in certain situations.

For example, Fish loves kids. When they approach, his tail sticks straight up in the air – an indicator he’s feeling happy and friendly. This is his signal that lets us know it’s fine to tell kids that they can pet him, because we know he will have a positive reaction. 

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Fish’s tail is pointing straight up, indicating he’s…

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