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What makes for a good wildfowling season?


The question of what constitutes a good wildfowling season has lots of answers, but reflecting upon one that has just finished yields a few more

The mark of a truly good season is a simple one: a fair bit of time spent fowling will make it so

At the Little Oakley and District Wildfowlers, we have our annual meeting in February. It’s a chance to review the season and put plans in place for the summer. Post-holders are re-elected and beer is sampled. For me, the highlight of this get-together is a very simple two-word question. I like to have a drink and enquire of anyone willing to answer: “Good season?” And I ask it now in writing. How was the winter for you? How does it compare to previous years? Would you rate it as a decent wildfowling season? This all depends on what we mean by a ‘good season’. Maybe I can suggest some criteria. 

Most obviously, it’s about the quarry — and let’s be honest, the bag returns. Wonderful though a blank outing can be, one or two for the pot tends to make for a better flight. For most Essex wildfowlers, myself included, this has been a very healthy year. Every month has offered us encouraging numbers of wigeon, teal, geese and mallard. And when compared to what the…

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