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When you don’t do social media


Social media is a fact of life for the majority of the population. But what are the implications for gun owners who decline to participate?

A friend of mine had difficulty when she applied for a store card, because she didn’t exist. Or at least, that’s what the credit rating agency seemed to think. She’s solvent and has no outstanding debts.

And that, it turns out, is the nub of the problem. Because she didn’t already have a credit card and had not had an overdraft, mortgage or bank loan in recent years, she didn’t have a credit rating. It was all sorted in the end, but it makes you wonder how the authorities treat such matters. And this may have implications for law-abiding gun owners who choose to keep a low profile.

Media presence

I remember the head of a police firearms licensing unit telling me, six or seven years ago, that the first thing they did when assessing a certificate applicant was to take a quick look at their social media presence. She said that it didn’t take them much time. If something appeared that rang alarm bells, then they would dig deeper.

I am surprised that anybody thinks the police won’t also check them out like this. I am even more surprised by the stuff I see on social media….

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