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Why Do Ringing Rocks Ring?

Why Do Ringing Rocks Ring?

Why do ringing rocks ring? Everyone loves a mystery, especially when it sounds like a chorus of bells from civilization. Listening to the resonating “gong” after tapping one of Montana’s Ringing Rocks with a hammer is not only surreal, this seemingly inconspicuous pile of boulders inspires more questions than answers, even for geologists.

Discovering the Ringing Rocks

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While the Ringing Rocks have been around longer than humans, according to a 1933 article in The Montana Standard, the earliest recollection of this area being “found” was when Butte local, R.T. “Kid” Ogle, heard a rock making a melodious tune as his boot hit one of them. Surprised, he tested other rocks with a pick, quickly realizing he stumbled upon a remarkable curiosity. Soon after his discovery, following in the footsteps of many pioneers of early tourism, Ogle led tours to what he dubbed “Ogle’s Volcano.”

Over the years, the land changed hands until the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) acquired the area in the mid-1960s, allowing public access, as well as ensuring that the unique rocks wouldn’t be mined for commercial use. Yet, even decades later, it’s one of those backroad…

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