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Wrecked 295-Mile Maserati MC20 Runner Sells for $84,500 on Copart



Want a new Maserati MC20? If you don’t have $216,995, you could’ve bought this wrecked one on Copart. It just sold on Thursday afternoon, sure, but you’ll get them next time. After all, this example runs, sort of drives, and just found a new home for $84,500. It’s also more or less brand new.

This MC20 had just 295 miles on the odometer before it was wrecked. Most of the damage appears on the car’s front passenger side, and according to the listing, there is no secondary damage in any other area. There also appears to be at least one dent on the hood, but that’s minor stuff compared to the rest.

Looking at the pictures, the carbon fiber tub seems undamaged, with most of the parts destroyed being pretty contained. That being said, I can’t imagine what new components from the part desk at your local Maserati dealership would cost. Might be best to pick up some panels from the flooded MC20 we reported on last year.

The back end of the car—where most of the important stuff is—seems completely undamaged. As a result, the car reportedly runs and drives. A clip below shows it starting fine and then moving back and forward a tiny…

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