Home News Yield farming is live on Bitcoin․com’s Verse DEX with ~80% APY

Yield farming is live on Bitcoin․com’s Verse DEX with ~80% APY


Bitcoin.com is excited to announce that Verse Farms are live on the Verse DEX. Anyone can now deposit select Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens into Verse Farms to earn additional rewards on top of the trading fees already earned for providing liquidity.

The first Verse Farm is for the VERSE/ETH pool with a starting APY of ~80%. More Farms will be added soon.

“Yield farming for VERSE tokens helps grow liquidity on the Verse DEX, which improves the trading experience on this important piece of decentralized infrastructure,” said Bitcoin.com CEO Dennis Jarvis. “This is a critical early step towards providing VERSE with broad utility in the Bitcoin.com ecosystem.”

VERSE, which launched in December 2022, is Bitcoin.com’s rewards and utility token. VERSE is fueling the growth and expansion of Bitcoin.com’s ecosystem, which includes over 37 million self-custody wallets created in its multi-chain DeFi-ready mobile app, the Bitcoin.com Wallet. The ecosystem also includes the award-winning Bitcoin.com News portal with over 2.5 million monthly readers.

The VERSE token’s utility will include unlocking rewards along tiers, method of payment in the Bitcoin.com ecosystem and beyond, access to exclusive platform services, and…

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